Rachel Adato - picture

Member of the Knesset
Dr. Rachel Adato

Presentation: Models are no example: Which models should not be imitated and health-promoting legislation
Judith Banker - picture

Ms. Judith Banker

Presentation: The chimera of evidence-based practice: Promises and pitfalls for eating disorder treatment and research
Workshop: The perfect fit: How to combine research findings with clinical experience to provide the best treatments for people with eating disorders
Rose Geist - picture

Professor Rose Geist

Presentation: Food avoidant emotional disorders
Workshop: Food avoidant emotional disorder: A medical psychiatry approach to care
Debra Katzman - picture

Professor Debra Katzman

Presentation: Bone mineral density
Workshop: Medical complications of eating disorders on children and adolescents
James Lock - picture

Professor James Lock

Presentation: Using Family-Based Treatments for adolescent eating disorders: Empirical support for efficacy and dissemination
Workshop: Introduction to the key components of Family-Based Treatment for adolescent anorexia nervosa
Philip Mehler - picture

Dr. Philip Mehler

Presentation: Medical caveats complicating efforts to cease purging in patients with bulimia nervosa
Ulrike Schmidt - picture

Professor Ulrike Schmidt

Presentation: The challenge of treatment of adults with anorexia nervosa
Workshop: Working with the Maudsley model of anorexia treatment for adults
Eric Van Furth - picture

Professor Eric van Furth

Presentation: How do we improve our care for individuals with an eating disorder? Service delivery and ethical dilemmas
Workshop: E-mental health for eating disorders: Proud2Bme and FeatBack
Ken Weiner - picture

Dr. Ken Weiner

Workshop: Fertility, pregnancy and postpartum in women with eating disorders
Kate Williams - picture

Ms. Kate Williams

Presentation: The dietitian’s contribution to recovery from an eating disorder – interventions and outcome
Workshop: Recovering control of appetite – managing binge eating and body weight